Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random Things

If there was an award for the worst blogger, I would surely win it. I can't believe it has been two and a half months since I last posted, or visited anyone's blog. No excuses. I've just been a lazy procrastinator lately about anything other than work and cleaning up my house.
Since I don't have any pretty pictures ready, or any completed projects to talk about, I thought I would tell you 20 Random and Possibly Weird Things About Myself.
1.  I have a really loud laugh. A REALLY loud laugh. I get in trouble all the time at work for laughing.
2.  I cannot whistle. I've tried and tried, but just can't.
3.  I am the worst athlete on the planet. The WORST! I can't run. Can't catch a ball worth a damn. Can't throw a ball, for that matter. I'm uncoordinated and dorky. In PE class at school, I was always the last one picked for team sports. When we played baseball, if someone hit a fly ball, everyone else held out their mitt to catch the ball. I ducked. I used to play outfield, and I would station myself way, way out (in the next county, if I could manage it), all the time praying that no one could hit that far. Well, by golly, someone finally did, and I actually caught the ball, sans mitt. It hurt like a son of a b. I was shocked that I caught it, and there was this stunned silence on the field. Then someone said, with wonder in her voice, "She actually CAUGHT it!" Then someone else yelled, "THROW it, Julie." So, I threw the ball, and my moment of glory ended, because my aim sucks.
That semester, I got an A in PE. It was the only time.
4.  I am very nearsighted, and have worn glasses since third grade (which may explain #3).

5.  I love anything Snoopy. I have a Snoopy collection with probably close to 2000 items - stuffed toys, Christmas decorations, a little Asian teaset, even a Snoopy Hanukkah gift bag.
6.  I went to 12 years of Catholic school (Kindergarten in public school). Unlike those who say they "survived" Catholic school, I am glad I went, and am grateful to my parents for making the sacrifices to give their children not only a great education, but a school atmosphere that protected us, and instilled good old-fashioned values in the students. To this day, I am still a churchgoing, practicing Catholic.
7.  I am a grammar and spelling snob. Yes, I am that Grammar Nazi that you hate.
8.  I talk to my dog all the time, and on occasion, I've caught myself expecting her to answer.
9.  My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I'm boring that way.
10. I've never seen snow. In person, I mean. I know, I know, I've got to get out more.
11. When I was 8, I wanted to either be a dancer, a secret agent, or a nun when I grew up. What kills me is that when I tell friends this today, they only laugh at the nun part.
12. One of my best friends, Cindy, and I were in the same kindergarten class, but did not know each other until 17 years ago, when she came to work as the dept. secretary at the company I worked for. We discovered we were in the same class entirely by accident. But we weren't 100% sure until Cindy found the class picture from 1966, and sure enough, there we were.

13. I used to read the encyclopedia when I was a kid. What can I say? I was a klutzy nerd who wore glasses. Not a popular kid, but I'm tough to beat at Trivial Pursuit.
14. Up until I moved to Central CA two years ago, I lived in Anaheim, CA my entire life - 50 years.
15. I love, love, love fabric, have stacks of it, but don't know how to sew.
16. I have never weighed what my driver's license says I weigh. I don't know why the DMV even bothers to ask anymore.
17. I am very shy and quiet with people I don't know. Once I get to know you, you can't shut me up.
18. My favorite book of all time is Go Dog Go. When I was a toddler, I made my sister read it to me over and over again until I had it memorized, much to my sister's relief. It was the first book that I actually read (I clearly remember that moment when I realized that I was reading the book instead of reciting it by rote). I credit Go Dog Go with my lifelong love of reading and my love for dogs.
19. I was an "All My Children" devotee back when Erica was married to her FIRST husband. It amazes me that my very conservative Catholic mother not only allowed me to watch it, but followed it with me.

20. I admit it: One of my favorite guilty pleasures is reading The National Enquirer. Shame on me!!

I will share one photo I with you. These are some of the gladiolus I grew this year. They bloomed very early, so I haven't gotten any new blooms in about a month, but I enjoyed them while they lasted. I loved having fresh flowers in the house every couple of days.

Hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks in advance for your comments. I love reading them.