Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty in Pink

In my last post, I posted pictures of my living room, and I’ve discovered that I really hate how my living room looks.  It wasn’t what I envisioned AT ALL.  And it really doesn’t look like me. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I was trying too hard to make sure everyone else was comfortable, that I forgot that I need to be comfortable.  I forgot to please myself.  And after all, it is MY house; I’m the one who needs to be the most comfortable here.  And, when I look at the pictures, I just cringe. It's not me at all.

I’m a girly girl.  I love feminine stuff. China.  Romantic lace.  Floral embroidery. Roses.  And I LOVE pink.   That has been my favorite color my entire life. A few examples throughout my home:
In the kitchen:
I even have a pink frying pan, for crying out loud.

In the bedroom:
 This embroidery is on the wall behind my bed.

Pink hat and gloves on my vanity.

 My mom’s pink purse hangs on the wall, along with many other vintage purses.

Pink spaghetti poodles in the bathroom. 

As you can see, I love my pink. So, why oh why oh why do I not have a feminine, romantic, flowery, girly PINK living room?!  I can’t imagine what I was thinking. So, this week, I’m reworking my living room.  And I’m not spending a dime. I call it “freestyling”.

Some projects and or inspiration:

These will be painted, as I'm thoroughly sick of the colors. They will hold china & other collectibles, although I can't decide whether I should use them together or if I should use the hutch top elsewhere. I'm not sure if I like them together, but it's hard to tell with the different paint jobs.  These are definitely shabby, but they were free.
They both held books, but I moved all the books to a china cabinet in the dining room.  I hated having my china in it, because I really couldn’t see the china behind the glass. I always like open shelving for the china so I can see it.  The china cabinet actually holds a lot more books than the shelves, and it looks pretty good.

This will be moved. It won't be painted, however, since I really like the finish and the design on the veneer.

These will be covered.

I love this fabric.  I’ve had it several years and haven’t figured out what to do with it. Maybe at the windows?

This wrapping paper is so sweet. The color in the photo is off; it's a much warmer pink in reality.

 More china and other stuff:

This silverware box that I thrifted will be getting a makeover.

I love robin’s egg blue, aqua & turquoise as well, so you may be seeing some of these as well:

After all, my sofa and chair are an aqua color, of sorts.

And I haven't forgotten about these projects either. I'm working on them, but have been busy yelling at roofers and job hunting.

So that's my project for the next week or so.  I'll be posting the results as soon as I'm finished.  If anyone has any suggestions on the restyle, feel free to comment.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week.


  1. I always say surround yourself with things you love.And you are so decorate that way YOU want too.Not what the books are telling you to do.Or what another blog is showing.I have what I love.I tried going a different direction.But it just brought me back to what I really love.You have a lovely collection of antiques.Check out Romantic homes,Romantic country magazines.You will be inspired.

  2. My goodness you are ambitious! But you have some awesome pieces to work with and I know that your room is going to be gorgeous! Have fun! Enjoy the journey! Thanks for visiting me! Can't wait to see your projects completed! You go girl!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Welcome, thank you for your visit, and thank you for following. I can't wait to show all the completed projects that I'm working on. It's looking better and better every day.

  3. I have pink poodles like those from when I was a child though mine were white. They always made me smile.



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