Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Much Going On

I've only been blogging for two months, and I already have Blogger's Block.  Or is it Blogck?  Has anyone else experienced this?  You think to yourself that you really should do a post, but you've got nothing to say.  At least, nothing that you think anyone else would be interested in reading. 

It has been a full week since I've last posted, and I'm wondering if maybe my problem is that I just have the most boring life on earth.  I've been busy job hunting, but have nothing interesting to say about that. Depressing, maybe, but definitely not interesting.

I've also spent a  huge amount of time weeding in both my front and back yards, trying to prepare to eventually plant flowers & vegetables.  Since I spent most of the autumn and winter neglecting to weed, I have a HUGE job ahead of me before I can even do any planting. 

I've also spent a huge amount of time watching this:

Please tell me that someone else  watches "Masterpiece Mystery" on PBS, and that there are other  "Foyle's War" fans out there.  I am obssessed with this series lately!  I've been watching a couple of episodes every night for the past week. (I have 5 of the 6 DVD sets that are available in the US).

For those unfamiliar with it, this British TV series is set in World War II England.  Christopher Foyle is a police detective who wants to contribute to the war effort in a more meaningful way by doing government service, but is forced by his superiors to spend his war at home, doing what he does best: solving crime.  Many of his cases concern issues caused by the war: the black market, espionage, profiteering, the internment of German aliens, but most of them are just plain old-fashioned murder. 

Although there are some anachronisms and inaccuracies in the series, by and large the attention to historical detail is notable.  I've learned a lot about World War II as seen through the eyes of the English, who experienced that war in a vastly different way than Americans did.  Of course, that's obvious, but I had never really stopped to think about it before. 

So, if you ever get a chance to watch any of the episodes of the series, I can highly recommend them.  The plots are absorbing, and, as I said, the history is fascinating. Every time I watch an episode, I wind up googling some name, or some part of the historical backdrop to learn more.   

Speaking of "Masterpiece Mystery", I'm also partial to Poirot:

David Suchet is the quintessential Poirot.

and Miss Marple:

Geraldine McEwan made a darling Miss Marple!

I love the 1930's, 40's and 50's settings of the various Agatha Christie "Masterpiece Mystery" series, and I particularly enjoy the costumes.  Such beautiful costuming. 

Hope everyone has a great day.  Thank you so much for your visit!


  1. I was wondering where you have been.Best wishes on your job hunt.That is just as hard as having a job.

  2. Julie,
    Don't worry a bit about it. When you feel like blogging and have something to say, blog. When you don't or you are too busy, then it will just have to wait! We are always happy to hear from you when you do! Thanks for the nice comment on my post! I'm excited about it too!
    And Hailey, well, she is just about to have fits she is so excited. She's so cute, she cracks me up! A little Julie is what she acts like!!

  3. I love these big pictures! I love old movies but I am finding that I can't watch a lot of them because they move too slowly for me. What I once love, I find boring now. Except for the old classics of course... like Breakfast at Tiffany's!

    I've been blogging for 6 years and yes, there is bloggers block but for me I only blog about art related things and my dog for the most part. So if I don't have a current project to share then it can be challenging. It's a great way to always have an art list on-going with things to work on so I can do a blog post! I also don't have any regular scheduled times that I post - usually just once a week so there is no pressure. Works great for me that way!

    Have a lovely day! Now I'm off to finish some paper dolls so I can do a blog post. haha!

    Take care,

  4. There are a lot of us with normal, everyday, ho-hum lives. I guess you can call that boring. I keep a little notebook close by and if I see or think of something to blog about in the future I make a note. I usually just think of my blog as a diary for me. It makes me take pictures of things I wouldn't ordinarily take.

  5. I sure hear ya with the not having much to say...but we do what we can, right? I don't watch any of those shows, but it sounds like I would like them. I hate the current offerings on TV-reality shows mostly. YUK!

    Have a great week,


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