Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Favorite Thrifted Treasures

I love to go thrifting, but unfortunately, the thrift stores in this area leave a lot to be desired.  It’s probably just as well, since I don’t have a lot of extra money these days, but I do miss the thrill of the hunt, if you know what I mean. 

Since I can’t do much thrifting lately, but want to relive some of the thrill of finding “cheap treasures”, I went around the house looking at all the beauties I’ve found in the past.  Here are a few favorites:

I bought this shelf more than 25 years ago for $5.00.  It has about 20 layers of paint (no exaggeration), and has held books, china, collectibles and more.  Currently, it’s in my living room holding china, most of which was thrifted.  I see a paint job in the near future for it, but I do like the contrast of the white china against the periwinkle interior.

This rocker was $20.00 at my favorite Salvation Army in Orange, CA.  It’s actually quite low to the ground, but I figure that visiting grandnieces and nephews will enjoy it.

The top two stacked suitcases belonged to my mom.  The other three were thrifted for $5 each.  They store craft supplies.

I fell in love with this silver tea service. $19.99 at Goodwill.  I kind of like the patina of the tarnish, but I also love how freshly polished silver gleams.

I collect embroidered linens from the 40’s and 50’s.  Both of these pillows are on my bed.  $5 each from Children’s Hospital thrift stores (I mourned when they closed all their thrift stores in Orange County about 10 years ago).

I call this lady Marie Antoinette.  She’s a little battered, but then, aren’t we all?  She was $4.95 at Goodwill.

A recent treasure: I found this at the Salvation Army in Visalia.  This 1950's (?) print was $1.79.

I love these little $10 tapestry pictures from the Salvation Army in Orange.  One is threadbare in spots, but otherwise in good condition (sorry for the terrible photos).

I love anything pink.  This candlewick bedspread has a little wear and staining on one side, so it may be cut up to be used for other projects, but it was still a bargain at $9.95.  The flower detail is so sweet.

These beaded bags hang on the wall over my vanity.  $6.95 each.  I love beaded bags and wish I had more excuses to use them. 

Once I find a job here, I can explore the thrift stores in neighboring towns, and can go back to my weekly thrifting.  But right now, with the cost of gasoline so high lately, I'm rarely venturing far from home.

Thanks for your visit. Hope you have a great day.

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  1. What lovely treasures. The blue shelf is so dainty and feminine. I love suitcases too.

  2. adore the luggage!!!
    is it for sale

    thanks for linking!!

  3. I love all your finds. I especially love the embroidered linens, I have a few too, mostly from my grandmothers. The two pillows you have are just beautiful, I wish I had found something like that at the antique stores I visit. I think you would really enjoy the antique stores, have you tried going to them? I have much better luck finding things there than at thrift stores, and it is just so much fun to wander for hours. Have a wonderful day!

  4. You have a great collection.How wonderful that those suitcases were from your Mother.I love the idea of using them for storage.Those dishes are all so pretty too.And they are displayed perfectly on that cabinet.

  5. Ah-ha! I went looking for these china close ups! So pretty! I collect orphan pieces, too and in fact I have a plate just like the one in your top right of the shelf! Wish I could find more like that. Plates with yellow and pink in them are not easy to find! ♥


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