Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I’m down in Orange County this weekend visiting family.  My sister and I went out thrifting and were driving around, looking at all the plants that are already blooming here.  We stopped by this one house in Fullerton, which has almost the entire front lawn done in tulips and other bulbs and plants.  It looks great, so charming.  There was a crowd people in front of the house, taking pictures and admiring the garden, so we joined them.  My pictures don’t do it justice, but here they are:

You can read more about this garden here.

I could have taken just hundreds of pictures, I love this garden so much.  Although I'm not planting tulips but gladiolus instead, I am getting lots of ideas for both my front and back yard.  Planting time is coming soon, and I can’t wait.  I have about 70 gladiolus bulbs (Dollar Tree has 6 bulbs for 50 cents!), 5 amaryllis bulbs plus seeds gathered from the amaryllis that grew in my mom's backyard, seeds for 24 different flowers (Dollar Tree also has seed packets 4 for $1, although the selection isn't great, so I had to get some at Home Depot), seeds for 11 different vegetables and 2 herbs.  I found rose bushes for $6.99 at a discount store, as well.  Soon, my rather plain looking house will have some beautiful welcoming color.  And my fridge will have healthy, homegrown food inside. 

Hmm, I think I have Spring Fever.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well. 


  1. What a beautiful garden.I wish I could be there.Still winter here everything is dead.Can't wait to see your flowers bloom.You have many to plant you will be busy.

  2. So beautiful! I am very excited to see everything you plant and watch it grow. I am also excited that soon I can plant my very own garden as well. :)

  3. Can't believe everything is blooming already! It all looks so nice! Well, I use to live in Fullerton!

  4. Julie, that garden is gorgeous! I can't wait to get out and plant something. Here in Ohio I still have a while to wait. Now I have to check out my Dollar Tree! Hubs loves gladiolus and we used to plant them all the time but fell out of the habit.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful images, Pam

  5. Julie,
    I think I also have spring fever. Just looking at those tulips made me sigh . . . . Thanks for sharing!


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